With almost 20 years of expertise in the financial services industry, dökel & friends will support you in many areas. Our focus is top management consultancy for banks, asset managers and related areas.

Identify future challenges for your company in a new and dynamic environment with us. In addition to creating scenarios in order to develop new and adapted solutions, we will also work with you on their implementation!

  • Strategy and Corporate Development

    The environment in the financial service industry is becoming ever more dynamic, and development tendencies are increasingly difficult to forecast. Sustainable initiatives are therefore required in order to increase the value of your company and to secure competitive advantages. We would be delighted to work with you in order to design a strategy portfolio geared to your long-term business objectives.

    dökel & friends will take care of:

    • Detecting growth potentials for your company
    • The introduction of new products and services, e.g. “Mobile Payment”
    • Developing/ implementing business models
    • Business planning
    • Due diligence support
    • Entering new partnerships
  • Processes and Organization

    Ensuring agility and high performance on dynamic markets often requires streamlining and optimizing conventional processes. How efficient and dynamic are the processes at your company? Where are the essential hubs influencing performance?

    We design and support transformations with measures that lead to success:

    • Process analysis & optimization
    • Efficiency increase through reducing complexity
    • Support for post-merger integrations
    • Restructuring for outsourcing procedures
  • Outsourcing and Transition

    These days, organizations have to face increasingly complex and stringent business requirements with regard to flexibility and speed. At the same time, costs need to remain transparent, service providers must be managed and the organization and procedures must be adapted to the business strategy. We provide support to our customers for the transition to innovative and flexible structures and help you to make your operative business more efficient.

    We cover the following areas:

    • Provider/ vendor management
    • Design and management of Service Level Agreements
    • Business and IT migrations
  • Risk and Liquidity Management

    Regulations for the financial service industry have become significantly more stringent in recent years. This trend has resulted in far-reaching and continuous changes of the banking environment.

    We provide our clients with advice on all value & risk-related issues, including project management and the implementation of individual concepts as well as activities, which require intense and customer-specific support. You would like to know which requirements are relevant for your core business or what’s ahead? Or are you faced with the strategic, organizational or technical implementation of regulations?

    dökel & friends will advance you in the following areas:

    • Risk identification and assessment of financial products
    • Risk assessment and analysis of finance portfolios
    • Individual analysis and specific reporting in addition to assessment and risk analysis
    • Documenting and reviewing legal and market conformity of transactions
  • Program & Interim Management

    Despite extensive planning, projects often fail to reach their objective because they are more expensive or more time-consuming than expected. As a result, quality reductions are often accepted and employees are overworked.

    We put highly qualified managers at your disposal who know how to successfully implement or even enforce extensive programs and innovative projects. Although we use conventional project methods, we do consider agile project developments. Additionally, many of our advisors dispose of many years of line management experience and are therefore suitable for an interim management solution.

    dökel & friends provides outstanding expertise for:

    • Program management
    • Conventional project management
    • Agile project management
    • Interim management

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