dökel & friends Management Consulting is owner-managed with a network of experts in the fields of banking and financial services. Our clients appreciate our extensive competences in these areas and our proven track record from numerous successful national and international projects.

Our objective is to manage each project pursuant to clear and measurable criteria. We consider the definition of clear requirements, objectives and timeframes as an essential foundation to achieve measurable success.

We do not rely on prefabricated solutions, but value a project approach based on partnership – we develop concepts and strategies together with our clients and check their feasibility. Your success is important to us.

Our trademarks are honesty, reliability, sustainability and absolute integrity.

Become a part of our network now and profit from our expertise!

dökelBernd Dökel is the owner of dökel & friends. With more than 20 years of working and advising clients in the finance industry Bernd is a well-experienced senior advisor and project manager with a passion to solve our clients’ most complex problems. He is an expert in outsourcing procedures and change management as well as designing and implementing risk-adjusted controlling and monitoring frameworks.

Furthermore, his portfolio includes structuring modern finance organizations, implementing shared service center structures as well as program management and implementing initiatives concerning transformations, restructuring and cost reductions. Other focal points of his activities are risk controlling and risk management, based on line management experience from heading the risk management department of a German bank in New York.

Bernd Dökel has been in charge of numerous projects for banks, insurances and asset management companies. He has also acquired experience in IT infrastructure, offshore energy supply and in the consumer goods industry.

Through his assignments in Eastern Europe and North America, he obtained extensive international experience. Europe is the regional focus of his activities.

Bernd Dökel studied Economics at the Universities Hohenheim and Kiel. In addition he holds an MBA from the Sawyer School of Management, Boston, Massachusetts.

& friendsdökel & friends are not your typical consultants. We are advisors, “friends”, who are creative and unconventional, ready to face a challenge, but at the same time organized and diligent in finding solutions. Our experts listen to you, they understand the task, are equally accessible and humorous, and will become part of your team.

Prior to joining us, the majority of our advisors and network partners have gathered many years of professional experience with major consulting or auditing companies and other renowned industry enterprises.


If you expect cuddly consulting, you will be disappointed. I received challenging debates and structured approaches with a clear vision and a timely development of the best possible solution.

Dr. Petra Grundhöfer, Senior Advisor Finance