The dökel & friends charity initiative supports organizations helping children in need to create the foundations for a better life. By providing a safe and stable environment and a structured order, children coming from troubled families are given guidance and assistance along their path to becoming responsible adults. One important contribution to meeting this goal is to support their education and vocational training to improve the children’s future prospects. We sponsor various social activities for children and young adolescents over longer periods of time, aiming for continuity. The projects are always selected based on a strong regional or personal relationship with dökel & friends.

dökelAge by itself is no achievement, but a reference of experience. Hence, at “Güldene Sonne” (english: “Golden Sun”) in Rehburg-Loccum, children and teenagers experience therapeutic support since 1953.

The main house of “Güldene Sonne” is located in the small town of Rehburg, counting 3,400 residents, in the vicinity of Hannover, Germany. The property is approximately 20,000 square meters and houses the living quarters, playgrounds, stables for horses, a shed for small animals, a workshop, and a playhouse.

Help and therapy for a self-determined life – family crisis, troubled parent-child-relationships, alcohol and drug abuse, different reasons may require a stay at Güldene Sonne in Rehburg. A wide range of therapies and assistance for children, adolescents, young adults and families is offered here. The goal is to reduce the underlying trauma and disorders, to provide warmth and a structured life for these children and young adults in preparation for an independent life.

dökel & friends supports Güldene Sonne by funding educational activities, such as a bike ride across the Alps in the year of 2013. The route has led the group of adolescents and caretakers from Seefeld in Tyrol to Torbole at Lake Garda via the old Roman road “Claudia Augusta”.

Güldene Sonne Rehburg

Güldene Sonne
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